Thursday, December 3, 2009

What is Luxury?

Is it through designer brands... no maybe it's through the amount of money you have/make...
Is it that one of a kind couture gown that every celebrity starlet owns?

no it has to be those heels with the red sole...christian louboutins that's it
Is it fame?
Is it owning a mansion in the vineyards of France?
No it cant be, because luxury is what you make of it-dinner with your family, coffee with an old friend, running without a destination, being captivated by a good novel, eating McDonald's Vanilla Ice Cream Cone, driving your car with the windows rolled down, playing monopoly, and watching an old classic at home on a Saturday night with your boyfriend.

Therefore LUXURY, is what you love, what you share, and what you already own. There's not much you can ask for, if what you want is what you already have.

"We're gonna get there soon..If every building falls And all the stars fade We'll still be singing this song The one they can't take away"-Mat Kearney

College+Me= Undefined. After three and a half years I still don't know what want to do. This is really pathetic considering I'll be graduating next fall. Business has always been an interest of mine, but really how far can you go with a finance degree/International Business degree? Hopefully at some point I be able to get pass this undefined phase of my life, and possibly capture some opportunities. Maybe a change of scenery?
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