Monday, May 31, 2010

Done dreaming, bring on the challenges.

I am done being caught in this bizarre center of never-ending cycle. Routine is something that I need to break, and my focus needs to be on the in-coming challenges.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

New York, New York.

I always thought that the location or place of my ideal home will reflect how I feel about the it, but now I realized, no matter where I am, I just need a personal space where I am able to create, and develop on my own. My ideal location is New York or London, but I still want my dream home to consist of Shabby Chic, with a modern twist. Oh well, hopefully one day these pictures will be my own reality.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Candy *Wishes* & Caviar *DreaMs*

What every happened to the simple life? Where love exists in the most logical places, and dreams are held up above of all things. I think of criticism and judgment of others, when in fact I should be reflecting myself. For this day on forward I try not to place judgments as a first reaction, but rather adjust myself so I can understand and view other perspectives with sympathy.

That being said I do miss blogging, and wished I had more time to do so. With only less than 2 months from my Japan trip, I am working religiously trying to save up enough support my shopping therapy while I'm there. I'm in such a pickle that I had to sell my Alexander Wang Coco duffel. I do miss her dearly, but i have decided to move on to bigger and better things; Next Stop Balenciaga street! I've been eying the Balenciaga Giant Part-time in black with silver hardware. Gosh the agoinly of not being able to buy this bag right now is tearing my apart. I am not a good saver, even pursuing a business degree has not helped my one bit in my finances. There needs to be a easier way to save, or better yet and easier way to make more $$$! But for now there is the hope of a better tomorrow, the wish of future happiness, and the dreams of a closet filled with Christian louboutins, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Balenciagas, and Harry Winstons. Oh how a girl could only dream....
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