Thursday, March 31, 2011

So many places to go, too little money to do so...

6 more weeks till the start of a new beginning! I graduate, and still I have yet to find a decent job. Therefore, I have decided to take a month of from to travel, and figure out my life, myself, and my future. Now its about finding the funds to pay for this crazy idea, and hoping that my school loans will just disappear! ;) It's hard to be selfish when you feel that you aren't quite in a situation to be selfish. I never thought of College graduation to be bitter sweet, I almost not want to graduate yet. I feel so stuck in a bubble of mindlessness that I don't believe that I'm ready for this. I used reasons to opt out of things because of college, now I can't carry that excuse around. I feel at a stand still. Hopefully this thought is just temporary, and in the meantime I am dreaming of a sweet long summer filled with travels.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dreaming is such a distraction from reality

I never cease to amaze me how I will waste a perfectly good day, lost in a somber of thoughts, and indescribable endeavors. Sometimes I feel that it may just be an escape from reality, be hey a girl can dream can't she? It's better to find alternatives, than to be put in situation of pressured contentment.
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