Friday, June 21, 2013

Changing through your experience, lost, passion, growth.

The way you understand and perceive life when you were younger is so different where you see yourself now.  The present is scary enough to accept, and the future will just begin in an instant.  You try so hard not to repeat your past, but at times you cannot help but run back to familiar roads.  Why chance it when you don't have to.   Fear is always there, but how will you grow if you don't give yourself a chance, no one else will.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Patience seems to always be tested with me.

Ever feel like you've been on a never ending treadmill? That's I feel I've been feeling for awhile...  I hate feeling like I'm never getting to my destination.  Maybe that's my problem, I'm waiting and not pursuing.  It's easier to blame everyone else but yourself.  There are still some outside factors that you may never have control of.  I've began to start taking to heart what I write, scribble down, and say.  Because what I say or write does not always reflect in my actions.  A good friend told me I had an "old soul," and I didn't realize what she meant until these past couple of weeks.  I looked back on how I react and feel about certain things in my life.  I never felt the same way majority of my friends did in the past, I was always the mature one, the one that lead everyone into the "right" direction.  I never made the mistakes that my friends made, I just assumed I learned from theirs.  I wonder if I had actually made those same mistakes, would I feel better of where I stand today? That's a question I will seek an answer to for the rest of my life.

♥ A. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

It started with Goodbye.

It''s funny when something comes to an end you always think of the beginning.  You tend to never look forward, and assumptions take over.  There's been quite a change in my life right now I never really stopped to take it in.  I kept moving forward, maybe not even forward...I stayed in the present and never appreciated this opportunity.  I "opportunity" as means that I have this time to gain perspective of myself.  

You tend to lose yourself in an instant, but gaining it back is even harder...


Photos: Via Weheartit

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